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It’s tough to predict exactly where life will take you — but if Ottawa is in your future, our team is here to make it as simple as possible. Whether you are with the Canadian Forces, Federal Government, private sector or just shaking things up — one of our registered Brookfield Global Relocation specialists is here to help. The population in Ottawa and surrounding area is now over 1 million people — but there’s always room for a few more!


It doesn’t matter how you get here.
Working with the Wolfe Real Estate Team provides you access to all the same awesome services our local buyers receive, PLUS…


Priority Scheduling

We understand the importance of your house hunting trip is, and how it can help help shape your enjoyment of your community, city, and home over the upcoming years. Our priority scheduling for your relocation ensures you are able to maximize your time and house hunting efforts.

Pre-Arrival Preparation

Our team, through conversations prior to your arrival, will be able to ensure your Ottawa house hunting trip is as seamless as possible by helping pre-select homes, plan a time-optimized route and schedule showings — all before you even touch down in Ottawa.

Work With a Registered Global Relocation Specialist

Our team is able to utilize both RE/MAX’s global referral and relocation network and our registration with the Brookfield Global Relocation Service, so you can rest assured you and your family will be in good hands for your move and your home purchase.

Access to Trusted Brookfield-Approved Professionals

Lawyers? Inspectors? We know and can refer you to some of the best local professionals who are also registered with Brookfield Global Relocation Services — offering you the same amazing service our clients have come to expect.


Brookfield Approved
Third Party Service Provider

specializing in Canadian Forces & Government of Canada relocations


Cell: 613.875.9653
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Cell: 613-875-9653
Office: 613-825-8683

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